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Monday to Friday

605B Great South Road, Manukau City,

Auckland 2014, NEW ZEALAND.

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First and foremost you will need to register on the Godzone Credit Exchange product and service trading platform. Having the best of both worlds requires you to be registered on both GAIN 2U MATRIX and GAIN 2U NETWORK sites.

Register HERE to create an account.

The reasons you need to be registered to this site is because your commissions or share of the listing(s) and marketing fees will be credited to your private and personal e-wallet account in euro crypto-credits that can be exchanged for advertised products and services listed within the ADS section on the top “Tabs Bar” of the homepage that allows you to trade with other registered members, locally, nationally and internationally.

You are required to refer new members with your URL Referral Link found in the top blue box of your back-office login area to the site, to create your very own membership support network. This is your life-line, where you receive weekly, 50,000 credits from every single person you personally sponsor who have upgraded to the platinum membership plan. You are required to spend the credits on advertised products and services and cover weekly AD Plan and Membership Subscriptions/Maintenance Costs or to repay any business start-up credits you may qualify for and receive.

To qualify for a business start-up of 10 Million Credits and to receive ongoing weekly credit residuals, you are required to introduce 10 or more people within the first month of registration and 1 person every month thereafter. This will enable you to create a turn-key, lucrative, viable, product and service business opportunity with the weekly increase of credits that will provide a lifestyle of wealth and abundance. YES, a concept that can become a reality through the integrity of ALL the registered members wanting to end poverty and homelessness.

Combining the two platforms of the GAIN 2U MATRIX and GAIN 2U NETWORK allows you to establish a new beginning that will see you in your very own home and trading business using crypto-credits/digital credits backed by the intrinsic value of people and the movement of product and service resources on a global scale. Real, true, intrinsic value is in your agreement of acceptance and the acceptance of agreement. Just like law is contract and contract is law. All of this can be yours for a small monthly or annual platform usage charge or service fee.

Also, please NOTE that we are NOT an MLM Company but have an in-built Affiliate Referral Marketing Program on the GAIN 2U MATRIX platform that positions the network of registering members into a 4 x 12 Forced Matrix Structure that the Company has decided to reward with a 1 Million Euro Dollar Option Package and on the GAIN 2U NETWORK platform, Sponsoring Members personally recruit their support network directly into their own front line and can ONLY benefit from them directly. Nothing more, nothing less.

In summary, the GAIN 2U NETWORK requires you to refer 10 or more people in the first month of joining and 1 person every month thereafter. Everyone you personally introduce that upgrade to the Platinum Membership Plan, the Company will share 50% or 50,000 Euro Crypto-Credits with you ‘The Sponsor’. The more people you introduce, the more credits you receive, to spend on advertised products and services for your trading business that creates a better lifestyle for you.

Happy Trading!